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I went to SF a week ago, and it was a pretty cool trip. I even got a tan, and I never get tanned. So just a few photos in memory of it.



So a few months ago, I accidentally deleted my entire iPhoto Library containing all of my pictures from previous travels. I managed to post photos online, which I was able to rediscover and save. Here are a few of my favourites from last year’s adventures:


Prague. I’m trying to take a photo in the rain without getting my camera wet and while holding my umbrella and crouching over because of my heavy backpack. I like how the fluorescent umbrellas light up the moodiness of the photo.
Dubrovnik: About two minutes away is a place of sorrow where no hope was found.
Night at the Museum: Dinosaurs always had an intriguing factor. I’ve never been able to figure out why they terrify me but, at the same time, never fail to intrigue me.
I noticed this rose from a distance. The only thing visibly red from a few miles away. I was in Auschwitz for the full afternoon and there wasn’t much to say afterwards.
Streets of Dubrovnik: for sale – sugared lemon skins.
Dubrovnik: Inside the stoned walls, construction goes on to preserve the ancient city.
Dubrovnik Wall: The city is enclosed by a wall which you can pay to walk around. The walk is approximately 2km, but the view is stunning. On one side you can see the tops of red houses, soccer fields, and laundry, while on the other, there is a vast landscape of forever beneath you. It is such a breathtaking scene. Croatia is truly one of its kind.


It occurred to me, sitting at an airport, how much meaning and sentiment it holds for people. Personally, I dislike them. I hate going through check in, security, customs, and waiting for my flight. But a lot of people look forward to this; they see it as an opportunity to go somewhere new, explore the unknown, and ultimately get lost in some romanticized adventure. My mother is one of these people. Although she’s never really been anywhere, except for a few places, she told me she wanted to be at the airport a few hours ago. Me, on the other hand, I like traveling, especially before it happens or right as it’s about to happen. But usually not during or soon after. I can plan for hours what I’m going to be doing every hour of a day when I’m in Paris or New York, but as soon as I’m actually there, I become anxious: I need to carry out this plan that I already set.

My mom and my friends enjoy the trip, relatively. I say relatively just because I’m usually not in the happiest mood traveling because I’m trying to get¬†everything done. But traveling should be an idealized adventure, and¬†I should have a better attitude about airports. I mean I’m blessed enough to be traveling back and forth from home to school to just random cities and places. But don’t get me started on planes… They’re awful, even if I fall asleep for the entire time.

These days, airports just mean another waiting game and another “I hope this flight isn’t delayed” ordeal. Anxiety, anxiety, and more anxiety is basically what it is. That being said, I haven’t stayed up this late since… December(?) on my trip to the hospital. It’s 3:41AM and I’m not sure if I’ll publish this piece, but I just thought it was interesting – the dynamic of airports, how they represent something different for everyone. Could be something painful, beautiful, unknown. Whereas to me, they’re just waiting rooms.



| EDIT: Wrote this the night I left for home on spring break. | 

a step you can’t take back

Brooklyn bridge @1:00 PM exactly.
Christy and I are in the city for the long weekend. It’s President’s day weekend actually.
Is also the coldest day in this city… possibly in the last 20 years (I’ve heard someone say). We were¬†crazy enough to go onto the bridge at 1:00. It took us thirty¬†minutes to cross it, and we were hoping we wouldn’t get blown off the bridge. But trudging through that awful wind (that I really thought would suffocate me) was worth it in the end. The view of the city was the best I’ve ever seen. A perfect sunny day, outlined in silhouettes¬†of Wall Street buildings and skyscrapers.

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We also visited Jane’s Carousel. There was a birthday party going on while we were there.

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Despite the awful wind, today was a pretty decent day to shoot.
I love carousels so much. I felt like I was five, just looking out onto the waters and letting time pass me by effortlessly.

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To end the post: we began our day with doughnuts. Later at night, I¬†met up with Steve, who is constantly shaping my views of the world. He said I should stop waiting for life to happen because one day I’ll look back and realize it began a long time ago.

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