A Progress Reality

“I’m making progress” – a phrase generally someone doesn’t want to hear. You say the phrase when you’re trying to excuse yourself for why something is not complete. Or you might hear it when you ask your partner how your deteriorating relationship is going or when you ask your project partner how their work’s comingContinue reading “A Progress Reality”

Love, fear, and everything in between 

Children are curious and in awe of a lot of things. They start to wonder what’s around them, and then gradually become accustomed to language and others’ behaviours. But when you’re a child, you really don’t know what’s going on. You try to do things by yourself and end up failing and embarrassed that you couldn’t beContinue reading “Love, fear, and everything in between “

Empires – Hillsong United

Closer than you know » Lift up your eyes and see Heaven is closer than you know Lift up your voice and sing Know that My love won’t let you go And I won’t forsake you « I love those lines, but I especially love Taya’s part halfway through. Captain » Through waters uncharted my soulContinue reading “Empires – Hillsong United”

A Christian’s Confession to the Church

For the longest time, I hated church. I called myself a Christian, I prayed to God, and I believed in the existence of a Savior. But I still despised the church. Sixth grade onwards, I regarded myself as an outsider. I physically felt a wall enclosing me and disconnecting me from fellowship and from normalContinue reading “A Christian’s Confession to the Church”