ACW: A case study

As we venture off into the world of virtual fashion weeks and socially-distant seasons, I sit at my desk less inundated with shots of street style models and whimsical set designs. Instead, it seems, the industry is continuing to slow down, slowly redefining itself a couple of percentage points at a time. Burberry instated a matrix-esque woodland Hunger Games while Moschino opted for a cameo-based puppet show.

This year, Vogue also decided to turn a new page and document fashion weeks from the stance of the under-dogs, the underwater currents that are trying to reshape what fashion is and means today. One of my favorite episodes has been the one about London Fashion Week, and in it, we meet emerging sustainable designers as well as Samuel Ross of A-Cold-Wall*.

I thought he did a tremendous job concisely highlighting the differentiating cultural factors of his brand. I loved it when he noted that a black art does not need to explicitly show a black face for it to be black — it can be more abstract: asymmetrical lines standing out for the ‘otherness’ in society. He calls his brand a ‘case study’ in many ways, being able to represent many viewpoints into his abstract art. In another interview, Ross says,

Products that people connect with have soul, they say things that can’t be said and aren’t audible. There’s a difference between a design that has soul and a product. Soul is something that articulates an idea, that connects these dots that can’t be expressed through language. It touches on art, it’s expressive.

I resonate with this completely and am inspired by his mission to put his uniquely positioned voice into the community of luxury brands, fighting against the currents of the status quo. Although Ross isn’t one to disseminate his narrative – those who know are bound to be comforted and encouraged by it in some way. 🙂

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