How to find your style!! (from @bestdressed)

Aside from the fact that it was Fall ’19 couture week, I came across a video that broke down how to dissect and discover your style. I wanted to capture her 6 tips below for my own reference as well 🙂

  1. Assess your own wardrobe: Assess what you already wear and love — most times it’s that you have several items of clothing that define your style but your wardrobe hasn’t quite followed along with it yet.
    • For 2 weeks, track all the clothes you wear – what do they have in common? A certain fit? A pair of jeans? A color scheme? Is there a certain brand that you find wearing a lot? What is the comfort level of that clothing?Find the clothes that you naturally lean towards
  2. Find inspiration: Look through magazines, Instagram/Instagram explore page
    • Start a new instagram that only follows fashion inspiration accounts — what makes an outfit “good fashion”, and would I find that comfortable?Use Instagram’s explore page to see more fashion inspirationThink critically about why you like or dislike each inspiration — what about your style is similar or different from what you like?Save these outfits – and start finding what kinds of styles are resonating
      • Refine your mood board and see if it reflects your personality, your lifestyle, your comfort level Combine styles
  3. Go shopping: Choose 5 pieces on your mood board that appear the most often
    • Attach inspo images, have examples of the 5 pieces that you are shopping for
    • Keep assessing your 5 pieces as you build your wardrobe, and repeat every 3-4 months
  4. Practice, practice, practice: Give yourself 10-20 minutes every morning and put together outfits that — try and error is how you start to find your style
    • Add a new jacket, a new belt, new shoes
  5. Spend more time shopping: Not to buy more clothing, but to give yourself enough time to try on several outfits
    • By trying on new pieces of clothing, you end up thoroughly knowing why you bought what you bought
  6. Confidence!: We have several outfits that we already want to wear, and changing up how you wear things is scary
    • It’s “cool” to not put any effort – but it takes confident to do the opposite, when you are experimenting with your style
    • Wear what you actually want to wear!
    • Ease yourself into your new style piece by piece – just because someone doesn’t like your outfit doesn’t mean it’s a good outfit
    • If you dress up, then people will make comments (whether good or not) vs. when you wear a hoodie – people generally don’t comment on your outfit

Here is how my Instagram mood board is starting to span out. Starting to see pops of bright colors, mixed into casual, basic bases (e.g., simple pair of jeans, black base, etc.)

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