as days grow longer and time goes faster, i start to realize how fast adulthood has dawned upon me. i’ve always been the person to yearn for the next step in life – in elementary school eager to move onto high school, then to college, then to a career. and now at 21, i have mixed feelings about growing up. in one hand, i’m so incredibly excited for what’s to come – to have new beginnings again, the thrill of butterflies and adventures. but i’m also incredibly nostalgic of the past – of the people i’ve met and grown close to, of whom i’ll say goodbye to soon enough, of all the memories i’ve made with them and my own self.


as providence grows into summer, i am constantly reminded of my days here last summer. all the interesting, different days i had. it’s not necessarily sad but i partially miss it.


what i hope to achieve some day is to be content with the ever present. to not think so ahead and not be so over-prepared at times. sometimes i just wish i could appreciate the moment more.

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